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The Big Overseas Adventure

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Writer: Julie Cadzow

Years 4-10 Levels 3-4 Duration 1- many lessons

Take the class away on a world adventure in the classroom. This is an adaptable Dance unit. It could be a short activity to explore Pathways and the use of the Dance Element of Energy, or it could be expanded into a much larger unit of work. It could accompany topic studies about the world and its' people, transport and the early explorers. Students work in groups to research a cultural dance, and use graphic notations of pathways to participate in a dancing adventure!

Key Competency

Relating to Others The students will interact with others in paired, group and full class dance activities and discussions. They will listen to others, share ideas and use skills in negotiation to complete group dance composition tasks.

Achievement Objectives
  • Understanding Dance in Context (UC): Level 3 Students will explore and describe dance from a variety of cultures
  • Developing Practical Knowledge in Dance (PK): Level 4 Students will apply the dance elements to extend movement skills and vocabularies and to explore the vocabularies of others
  • Developing Ideas in Dance (DI): Level 4 Students will combine and contrast the dance elements to express images, ideas and feelings using a variety of choreographic processes
  • Communicating and Interpreting in Dance (CI): Level 3 Students will prepare and share dance movement individually, and in pairs or groups Students will use the elements of dance to describe dance movements and respond to dances from a variety of cultures
Specific Learning Outcomes
  • Students can identify and describe one important cultural dance from a selected country. (UC)
  • Students can use the Dance elements of Space and Energy in a variety of ways (PK)
  • Students can create movement to represent objects and the ways objects move (DI)
  • Students can perform a group dance composition in front of the class (CI)
  • Students can use the Elements of Dance to describe one selected cultural dance. (CI)
  • Large World Map and 15 atlases
  • The Itinerary
  • Photocopied and laminated (if possible)

    Overseas Adventure cards (RTF 954 KB)

    (RTF 977KB).
  • Dance Teacher's Tool Kit :

    Action Words (RTF 1 KB)

    (RTF 26KB); Using Action Words
  • Small counters (60-70)
  • 8 x A3 sized copies of '

    A Summary of the Dance genre (RTF 15 KB)

    ' worksheet (RTF 16KB)
  • School Library and Internet access
  • Discovering Dance DVD (Ministry of Education resource)
  • Music: World music CDs - available from most music stores
  • Pictures of the methods of transport - cruise ship, horse and cart, aeroplane, bus, train, sailing ship, air balloon, waka.
  • Pictures of scenes from different countries around the world (None of the pictures are included in this unit, but are easily accessed from the Internet etc).
Suggested Learning Sequence
Assessing the Learning
  • Group presentation of research activity
  • Teacher observation of the group sequences
  • Assessment sheet
Printing this unit

To download and print this unit, select from RTF or PDF formats:

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