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The Six Templates

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AIM: To help students organize information from text.
  • A summary page about the history/origin of the dance genre
  • A Sequence of Events . Information about a famous dancer is summarized into five boxes, which can then be written into the required format for the assignment activity
  • Comparing and Contrasting Genres . The information is ordered into a Venn diagram with the similarities in the overlapping section
  • Describing the Dance Genre . This is a page for students to focus on what the dance looks like in terms of the Elements of Dance
  • Skills Needed to Perform the Dance Genre . Skills can be identified with the reasons why the skill is required.
  • A Summary Page of information about the genre in general. This is a page where students can record brief notes about the history, the style, a famous performer, who performs the genre, the costumes and the music.

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