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Dance Around the World Game

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This is a version of the full activity and uses the 4 destinations studied in the unit.

Divide the class into 4 groups and their task is to create the shape of a method of transport with their bodies. They then travel across the dance space following the pathway using movement related to the task. For example: Waka - students form 2 rows, perhaps with those in the front on a lower level to those at the back Pathway - they travel using small 'pitter patter' steps (or slides if any are on their knees) in the pattern indicated Type of movement - exaggerated paddling movements with the arms, in a regular pattern on the right and the left.Set out a 'journey' around the dance area and the groups visit each destination following the directions on the cards. When they arrive at each destination, they perform the dance steps learnt from each country.

From Destination Method Pathway Type of Movement
New Zealand Samoa Waka   Regular, strong, swinging
Samoa Greece Aeroplane   Take off, glide and swoop in to land
Greece Scotland Cruise Ship   Gentle and lazy
Scotland New Zealand Sailing Ship   Rocking in a storm

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