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Visual Arts Exhibition – Glenbervie School

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An art exhibition generated from the study of New Zealand artists, which featured artwork from all of the students in the school. The exhibition was an opportunity to celebrate the students' achievements in the visual arts.

School and teachers
  • Glenbervie is a semi-rural school situated on the outskirts of Whangarei.
  • It is a decile 5 school with 200 students on the roll.
  • Children come from farming backgrounds, life-style blocks, and the city fringe.
  • The exhibition was held in the school hall.
  • A part time teacher has responsibility for visual arts.

"This year we wanted to present a visual arts exhibition (as opposed to an informal display) with all the students contributing. We chose the theme of New Zealand Art and Artists. That gave us some flexibility within the exhibition's theme." Jackie James teacher in charge of visual arts Glenbervie School

Purpose and outcomes

The purpose was to:

  • hold a visual arts exhibition, in the alternate year to the school's performing arts production, to celebrate the visual arts work done in the school.
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