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Ceramics with Niuean Patterns – Brandon Intermediate School

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This case study focuses on a ceramics elective developed by the visual art specialist, Georgia Vaughan, for students at Brandon Intermediate School, Porirua.

School and teachers

Brandon Intermediate is a decile 1 school with 300 students, 66 percent of whom are from the Pacific Islands.

Principal, Steve Black, and his staff believe the arts enable all students to express themselves in meaningful, creative, and imaginative ways.

With this in mind, they instigated an electives programme that gave students a chance to try a range of creative activities challenging enough to stimulate a life-long interest, hobby, or profession.

Purposes and outcomes

  • Students' learning is focused on exploring the 2D and 3D visual arts elements of line, shape and form.
  • Students will study the shape and line of Niuean patterns and use drawing techniques to render these patterns and design their own pattern.
  • They will use clay sculpting techniques to form a ceramic container. Once the container has been bisque-fired, each student will decorate it with ceramic glazes. The containers will then be kiln-fired to a finished product.
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