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Music Programme – Belmont Primary School

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A College of Education lecturer in 2000 returns to primary education as a specialist teacher to develop and coordinate a school wide music programme.

School and teachers
  • Belmont Primary is a decile 8 school in North Shore City, Auckland catering for years 1–6.
  • The school is largely European with an increasing number of Korean and Chinese students.
  • The teacher is employed 0.5 in the school as the music specialist.

Music is a unique way of organising and making sense of sound. It is a way of knowing that influences how we see the world, express our views of the world, and come to know the world. The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum, p 52

Purpose and outcomes

The purpose is to:

  • provide students with an enriching classroom music programme;
  • run specialist performance groups as time allows;
  • facilitate school singing;
  • advocate for music and the arts in the school community.
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