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Case Study E: Digital Stories in Sound

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A music technology project from years 5/6 at St Martin's Primary School

Focus - Multi Media Music

St Martin's Primary is a Year 0 to 8 primary school with 600 pupils, nestled in the valley below Huntsbury Hill in Christchurch, New Zealand. The school is on a gently sloping terrain facing north and has 22 classes with an average of 26 in each room. Graeme Wilson, the music specialist at St Martins teaches all 600 students music and directs a wide range of music groups and performances including school shows.

Graeme enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to be involved in the ICT and Arts professional development programme offered to St Martins school in 2006. Along with his colleague Bernadette May (who teaches the Gifted and Talented programme and has a particular interest in ICT and visual arts), he planned an innovative unit based around digital stories using music as the focus but also with a strong literacy basis.

The project evolved over time beginning with a unit on sound - natural, acoustic and digital - which was contextualized in a study of Pacific legends based on a wide range of web searches that motivated the students to pursue their own stories using ICT.

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