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Case Study A: Superheroes

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A digital photography unit from year 7 at Akaroa Area School

Focus - The Visual Arts and ICT

Akaroa Area School is situated in Banks Peninsula in the picturesque Akaroa village. As an area school it provides education for New Entrants through to Year 13 students.

Raquel Smith, the visual arts teacher at Akaroa Area School, participated in the ICT and Arts professional development programme with year 7 students. The project they decided to embark upon was developed as a result of attending the theatre performance of Maui - One Man against the Gods. Maui - One Man Against the Gods is a New Zealand theatre production that tells the life story of the Maori demi-god, Maui, using a stunning mix of contemporary dance, kapa haka, drama, "AERIAL THEATRE" and original music by New Zealand composer Gareth Farr.

The show introduced the idea of a superhero being a character outside the typical Spiderman, Superman cartoon/comic book hero. The impact of the show provided the perfect motivation for the project entitled Superheroes.

Another source of motivation was a signed photograph of Wonder Woman that Raquel has had since she was a child. The students were particularly interested in this personal aspect and began thinking about their own superheroes more deeply. This photograph was to be the impetus for students becoming their own superhero and the photography unit of work using ICT was to be the learning experience that took them on a journey they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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