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"Voice for Sound and Song"

Group workshops, maximum of 16 people, 2 hour class. Focusing on different aspects of the voice: the singing voice through to sound and using the voice as an instrument. Includes voice and breath work/ technique exercises, vocal play, improvisation and group song building. Learn: how to play with the voice, share your voice in a group, free up the body and breathing, learn safe vocal technique. Lots of fun and great for team building. visit website www.vocalpathways.co.nz for more info

Artist Information

Sally Stockwell

Website: http://www.vocalpathways.co.nz

Phone: 0212162658 or 095511134

Email: info@vocalpathways.co.nz


Profile: Sally Stockwell is a voice teacher and performer. She works as voice tutor, actress, voice-over artist and singer in t.v, film, theatre, and radio.
Community Arts Experience: Sally has taught in various school and communities including Apollo Musical Theatre School, Unitec, TAPAC, Auckland University (Popular Music), ‘Mixit” (youth immigrants), Corban’s Arts Estate, women’s choirs, ‘AK Samba’ members, community choirs, and people from all walks of life within the community.

Workshops: Sally runs workshops within the Auckland community and schools that can be 2 hour classes, one-day or block courses run over a period of weeks (eg. one term). They are group workshops and can focus on many aspects of the voice, from singing through to spoken word. Her workshops are open to anyone interested in learning about their voice, and can be particularly useful for relevant teacher’s professional development.

How they are run: Sally’s philosophy is largely influenced by her Roy Hart voice/studies, which embraces the totality of the human voice. She aims to make all cases a safe environment to play and explore the capacity of the whole voice. Within this, exercises, improvisation and “freeing the voice” is a strong focus, as well the body-breath-voice connection. Thus, the workshops often take a physical approach, and vocal technique is always included. Workshops can extend to using the voice as an instrument (free sound), improvised singing and song building.

Training: Sally’s vocal training includes a Diploma of Acting at N.Z Drama School/Toi Whakaari, as well as extensive vocal study both within New Zealand and overseas. (Kristin Linklater (N.Z), Patsy Rodenberg (England), Bert Vandijk (N.Z), and Robyn Payne (N.Z), Roy Hart voice teachers; Enrique Pardo, Linda Wise, and Liza Mayer (France). Her body-studies in physical theatre, dance, Alexander Technique and yoga bring a unique physical teaching style that is practical and well-rounded.

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Music

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Voice, singing, World song, improvised singing

Languages Spoken: English

Target Age Group: Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary

Preferred Group Size: Medium (9-20)

Regions: Auckland

Space and Resources Required: Room for group to stand in large circle. non carpeted floor if possible.

Indicative Costs:

  • $100 per hour

Mode of Delivery: Workshop

Cultural Context: European, European, Asian, Pasifika, Maori


Another Dance Company moved from the U.K to New Zealand in August 2010.

A.D.C's work includes;
- professional contemporary choreography & performance
- dance education for young people and adults within formal education and the community
- project management.

Our dance education work includes performance projects, cross-curricular work, dance P.E, extended schools clubs and S.E.N projects.

Performance projects range from choreographing dance with young people to planning, creating and managing performance events.

Another Dance Company create cross-curricular projects to engage young people in curriculum subjects through dance. A.D.C's main focus in this area so far has been to bring literature to life through movement. A.D.C. secured funding from the Clore Duffield Foundation (U.K.) to work with 6 different schools on a dance and text project. Each group created a dance based upon a story, which they went on to perform. The entire project was conceived, planned, choreographed and managed by A.D.C.

Another Dance Company deliver dance P.E. sessions with a focus upon developing and refining movement skills. Sessions can include music and drama components for a more holistic performing arts experience.

A.D.C facilitate longer term in-depth projects with a real focus on the development of young people. Dance is the medium to achieve change in other areas of young people's lives. Agreed specific aims, decided with the school and pupils, steer the content of the delivery. Through Creative Partnerships (a flagship government initiative in the U.K) Another Dance Company have delivered focused projects to raise confidence and aspirations, and to improve reading and writing skills.

Another Dance Company create and deliver sessions and performance projects for young people with special educational needs. Past projects have included regular sessions leading to performances, intensive arts week dance activities, and youth group projects. A.D.C work in both primary and secondary S.E.N. schools as well as with community groups.

Another Dance Company deliver a range of adult projects.
Past work includes;
-teaching the dance & movement component of the Circus in Performance Course at Greentop Circus,
-leading adult community sessions,
-establishing and organising Sheffield Dance Collective; monthly workshops with guest teachers for the professional dance community.

A.D.C create and facilitate inset training days for teachers. Mentoring programmes support performing arts specialists working in education. Another Dance Company devise and manage projects from conception to evaluation.

Laura Aldridge, artistic director of Another Dance Company, has a BPA in Contemporary Dance from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (U.K) and 4 years experience in dance education.

Programme Information


“Sally brings tremendous depth, clarity and sensitivity to her teaching work. Her approach is full-bodied and practical. More and more in her class I feel like my voice is my oyster!” - Rachel Somerfield (Performer/Theatre maker)...... “Sally Stockwell’s voice workshops have been fantastic for me. I have had many "singing lessons" over the years, but none have been able to get me in touch with my voice in the way the work Sally teaches. I strongly recommend both Sally's method and her as a teacher to anyone who wants to develop their voice.” -Kate Anastasiou (Video editor/Music student).......... “Sally thanks for all your work and sharing your knowledge and passion. I love the way that you are serious about the work and at the same time your playfulness with it. You model things so well and have a very encouraging way of drawing us out which has enabled me to explore the many realms of my voice. I have particularly enjoyed the physicality – rediscovering and working with the connection between the voice and body. I’ll be back!” - Jan Marshal (DHB Smokefree Co-ordinator)............ “I completed 12 weeks of voice classes with Sally in the first few months of 2008. Each class was thoroughly enjoyable with an excellent balance between technique and fun. Sally has a natural teaching style, and is able to share knowledge clearly and patiently. She has a clear grasp of the techniques she is teaching. I highly recommend her course.” Kristan Herman (Nurse)

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: No

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