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The Contemporary Singing Voice

This programme can be pitched either in a one to one or group context Emphasis it put on the ability to interpret and perform contemporary and/or musical theatre repertoire with conviction. Learning outcomes to this end are as follows 1. Demonstrate sufficient progress towards consistently singing in tune and maintaining tempo. 2.Demonstrate sufficient progress towards activating appropriate muscular support and vocal tract control in the act of singing. 3. Demonstrate sufficient progress towards interpreting a song, in both a solo and/or group context. 4. Demonstrate sufficient progress towards confidently performing a solo piece with commitment vocally, physically and emotionally. This includes clear expressive diction.

Artist Information

Louise Britzman


Phone: 09 8338229 or 021 1349471

Email: britzman@xtra.co.nz


Biography for Louise Britzman, vocal tutor (please note this is a brief overview.
Prior to embarking on a career in performing arts, I completed two years (only) of the 3 year teacher training course at Auckland Teachers College.
1. Graduated from Drama Studio Sydney NSW. A three year acting programme 1988
2. Worked in Sydney and Tasmania as actor/singer
3. Founding member of Sydney’s world renowned Gospel Choir, Café of the Gates of Salvation (who recently toured NZ 20yrs later)
4. Singer in a number of touring a cappella quartets recording an album with National radio with one of these groups.
5. Trained as a spoken word vocal tutor under Linda Cartwright and worked as a voice tutor alongside Linda on the acting degree programme that later became Unitec Performing and Screen Arts Degree programme.
6. Remained in the voice department at Unitec for the next 15 years going on to specialise in teaching the “actors singing voice”
During this time I also worked as vocal tutor on a number of other leading Auckland based acting courses namely South Seas Film and Television course and Selwyn College performing Arts Course alongside June Renwick and Auckland University dip drama course.
7. Founding Musical director and conductor of Auckland based Gospel Choir Heaven Bent
8. Vocal Coach and on occasion Musical Director for numerous Musical Theatre productions (from Big River to Happy End) both in the context of various training programmes and in a free-lance capacity.
9. Maintained a role as private tutor from my home studio for 15yrs training scores of young singers in musical theatre and contemporary singing craft.
10. Completed three 40 hr master class courses in the Estill technique for the singing and spoken voice under the tutorage of Anne-Marie Speed.
11. Have been a professional singer in my own right for a number of years and presently sing with a functions band called After Dark. 

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Drama, Music

Topics or Genres of Expertise: musical theatre, pop/modern

Languages Spoken: English

Target Age Group: Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary

Preferred Group Size: Small (1-8)

Regions: Auckland

Space and Resources Required: sound system with remote(ideally)

Indicative Costs:

  • $50.00 per hour
  • Travel: $0.65c perkm

Mode of Delivery: Presentation, Workshop

Cultural Context: European, European


Another Dance Company moved from the U.K to New Zealand in August 2010.

A.D.C's work includes;
- professional contemporary choreography & performance
- dance education for young people and adults within formal education and the community
- project management.

Our dance education work includes performance projects, cross-curricular work, dance P.E, extended schools clubs and S.E.N projects.

Performance projects range from choreographing dance with young people to planning, creating and managing performance events.

Another Dance Company create cross-curricular projects to engage young people in curriculum subjects through dance. A.D.C's main focus in this area so far has been to bring literature to life through movement. A.D.C. secured funding from the Clore Duffield Foundation (U.K.) to work with 6 different schools on a dance and text project. Each group created a dance based upon a story, which they went on to perform. The entire project was conceived, planned, choreographed and managed by A.D.C.

Another Dance Company deliver dance P.E. sessions with a focus upon developing and refining movement skills. Sessions can include music and drama components for a more holistic performing arts experience.

A.D.C facilitate longer term in-depth projects with a real focus on the development of young people. Dance is the medium to achieve change in other areas of young people's lives. Agreed specific aims, decided with the school and pupils, steer the content of the delivery. Through Creative Partnerships (a flagship government initiative in the U.K) Another Dance Company have delivered focused projects to raise confidence and aspirations, and to improve reading and writing skills.

Another Dance Company create and deliver sessions and performance projects for young people with special educational needs. Past projects have included regular sessions leading to performances, intensive arts week dance activities, and youth group projects. A.D.C work in both primary and secondary S.E.N. schools as well as with community groups.

Another Dance Company deliver a range of adult projects.
Past work includes;
-teaching the dance & movement component of the Circus in Performance Course at Greentop Circus,
-leading adult community sessions,
-establishing and organising Sheffield Dance Collective; monthly workshops with guest teachers for the professional dance community.

A.D.C create and facilitate inset training days for teachers. Mentoring programmes support performing arts specialists working in education. Another Dance Company devise and manage projects from conception to evaluation.

Laura Aldridge, artistic director of Another Dance Company, has a BPA in Contemporary Dance from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (U.K) and 4 years experience in dance education.

Programme Information


To whom it may concern I have known Louise Britzman for 14 years since she was first employed on the one year Selwyn Tertiary Performing Arts Course. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with Louise on a wide range of shows including Shakespeare, Brecht, Pinter, Caryl Churchill, Greek drama, American and English Musicals, devised drama, Documentary drama. She brings with her a wealth of practical knowledge an expertise Louise is a talented performer herself and a tutor who brings out the best in her students. She demands high standards and achieves positive results. Louise is always prepared to give of herself and her time. Students respect, admire and appreciate her. She is very versatile and able to adjust her style and the content of her teaching to suit their level. She appreciates working with a wide range of students from a variety of different cultures and thrives on a challenge. Louise works well as a member of a team and enjoys a consultative process. Other staff and members the production team recognize her value and enjoy her company. She completes reports to meet deadlines, writes thoughtful comments and is a dedicated teacher. I highly recommend Louise to any educational institution lucky enough to contract her services. She is always totally committed, enthusiastic, energetic and reliable. June Renwick Educator and Director

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: No

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