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Hip Hop/Funk Styles - Locking: for performance of choreography assessment.

A fun and funky class! Great for working on groove! Will provide theoretical education on the history of the style such as where it originated, how the styles evolved and the meanings behind the dance; Whilst teaching a choreography for students assessment. Will teach techniques associated with the style. Can cater the choreography to the students level and ability.

Artist Information

Katherine Walker


Phone: 0274258901

Email: katwalka@gmail.com


University of Auckland:

Master in Creative and Performing Arts - Thesis title: Hip hop dance in New Zealand; Philosophies, Practices, and Issues.

Post Graduate Diploma in Performing Arts - Dance studies.

Bachelor of Perfoming Arts - Dance Studies.

Recent Teaching Practice in Secondary Schools:
Marist College, Years 11 &12, 2012
Glendowie College, Year 9, 2012

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Dance

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Locking, Hip hop, Funk, choreography, technique, history

Languages Spoken: English

Target Age Group: Senior Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary

Preferred Group Size: Medium (9-20)

Regions: Auckland

Space and Resources Required: Sound System and space!

Indicative Costs:

  • $70, can be negotiated. per hour
  • Travel: $10

Mode of Delivery: Workshop

Cultural Context: Any culture.


Tru Talent - 85 private speech and drama clients. Edendale Primary School - 2009 and 2010 Gore Main Primary School - 2010

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: No

Photos of Relevant Work by This Artist

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