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Maori Myths & Tribal Legends

Popular Myths and Legends of the Maori people are portrayed in this programme, ranging from the launching of the Takitimu Canoe to Maui and his fish. This programme is offered with Maori, Bilingual or English narrations.

Artist Information

Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre

Website: http://www.kahurangi.com

Phone: 068730041

Email: shell@kahurangi.com


Professional Maori Performing Arts company providing Theatre in Education programmes to New Zealand schools since 1983.

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Drama, Dance, Music

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Maori Performing Arts

Languages Spoken: English, Maori

Target Age Group: Junior Primary, Middle Primary, Senior Primary

Preferred Group Size: Large (20+)

Regions: National


TOUR DATES - please refer to Kahurangi website www.kahurangi.com/tour for our tour dates in your region.

Space and Resources Required: Sprung floor, 7m x 7m if possible

Indicative Costs:


$4.00 per student plus GST (gst will be charged to the school not the student)

Minimum performance fee $400 plus GST if less than 100 in attendance.


$3.50 per student plus GST (gst as above)

Minimum workshop fee $175 plus GST if less than 50 in attendance

Mode of Delivery: Performance

Cultural Context: Maori


The comments from our students were very positive and we would definitely like to have the group perform in the future" PLEASANT POINT HIGH SCHOOL

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: Yes

Photos of Relevant Work by This Artist

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