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Mural or sculpture in concrete

Research into images relating to a current topic being studied. Drawing and planning design. Working on site large scale. Confidence building. Personalisation of environment.

Artist Information

Helga Windle

Website: http://www.helgawindle.co.uk

Phone: 03 7828 894

Email: helgawindle@xtra.co.nz


I have worked in schools and youth clubs for the past twenty years and successfully completed many murals in public and private places with children of all ages.

In schools I like to work with a topic currently studied as images and information are readily available and fresh in the children's minds.

I can either work with paint for a large scale mural or concrete and found materials for seating or sculpture.

A project would start with a day or two working out ideas and making drawings before working 'on site'.

I am willing to travel any distance in New Zealand for the minimum of a week long project. I am also able to offer training in this field to younger artists wishing to work in schools. Training would take the form of employing an assistant artist to learn on a hands-on basis.

My website shows many more examples than shown below.

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Visual Arts

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Murals

Languages Spoken: English

Target Age Group: Junior Primary, Middle Primary, Senior Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary

Preferred Group Size: Medium (9-20)

Regions: Marlborough, Nelson, West Coast, National

Space and Resources Required: Materials

Indicative Costs:

$500 a week

Mode of Delivery: Workshop

Cultural Context: All


Specialises in documentary style portraits, generally community-based projects. Exhibited widely in West Auckland and Edinburgh Scotland.
Currently working on picture story project on global democracy, travelled to Argentina to photograph and interview socialist activists.
Excellent communication skills, committed to social justice.
Have experience in running workshops for children, taught darkroom stills. Still using film (anologue), no digital experience.
Work part time at Corban Estate Art Centre as exhibition assistant.
Have an HND in Photography gained in Edinburgh Scotland.
Commissioned to produce portraits most recently by Waitakere City Council.Please visit this website for more details:http://www.ceac.org.nz/exhibitions/past_exhibitions/exhibitions_2006.aspx

Programme Information


Helga worked at this school during our 150thb anniversary celebrations in 2001. She helped all the children to produce some stunning artwork which is often commented on by visitors. In particular a pottery mosaic in an alcove on a wall where Helga led a pottery workshop and then incorporated all the children;s designs to make a "Book of Knowledge" and "Tree of Life" sculpture. She has an excellent manner with the children and worked with them to paint murals etc around the school (The bees and sunflowers on our sheds are a local talking point and often feature in treasure hunts). I can thoroughly recommend Helga to anyone who wishes to use her considerable artisic talents. Pauline Martin Headteacher, South Kilworth Church of England Primary School, Walcote Road, South Kilworth. Leicestershire. LE17 6EG. UK. Helga Windle worked with our school as a community artist on several creative projects. She worked with the whole school on creating an underwater mural to brighten up our Early Years Play area and following the success of that she created another mural with a jungle theme in a different area. Helga's great strength is her ability to work with children and develop an artistic vision in partnership with the enthusiasm of the children. Her patience and positive manner is remarkable to watch. She also worked with groups of children on some mosaic tiles which now are in place on a neighbouring community green space. I would recommend Helga to any school wanting to do something slightly different - we really miss her creative expertise! Evidence of her work can be viewed on our website on www.shorehambeach.w-sussex.sch.uk Sarah Searle-Barnes Headteacher

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: No

Photos of Relevant Work by This Artist

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