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APOLLO 13: Mission Control

School matinee performance of our award-winning interactive theatre show. Includes education guide as resource for teachers. Ideally suited for Years 9-13. Subject focus includes Drama, Science, History and English.

Artist Information


Website: http://www.apollo13.co.nz

Phone: 02102701741

Email: mark@markwesterby.net


School matinees and Education Guides for our production of APOLLO 13: Mission Control.
Tour dates for 2009:
Hamilton 20-26 July, The Meteor
Auckland 31 July - 15 August, THE EDGE

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Cross Arts, Drama

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Interactive theatre

Languages Spoken: English

Target Age Group: Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary

Preferred Group Size: Large (20+)

Regions: Auckland, Waikato

Space and Resources Required: Offsite performances only

Indicative Costs:

  • $7.50-10.00 per student

Mode of Delivery: Performance

Cultural Context: Maori, Pasifika, Asian, European


Shelley, Primary Teacher: "Kath's children’s show was great fun, creative and witty. Her lyrics beautifully capture the thoughts, imagination and experiences of children, making it easy for them to relate to and join in with during this interactive show. Kath's C.D is a favourite with my students and I highly recommend this show to any primary school." Jo, Kindy Teacher: "Both the kids and families enjoyed the concert. Nothing fazes Kath; she is relaxed, calm and “pleasant”. She is friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Her performance is bright and bubbly. She is a natural with the children. She is professional, refreshing and inspiring. The concert is fun. I don’t think our kids have caught on to anything quite like "Dragons Under My Bed" before. Her music is really tuneful and catchy and her songs tell a story. The actions are simple and the kids have done them ever since she came. Her songs are really original and different and we have listened to LOTS of kid’s music. She has the x-factor." Jacob, 10yrs: "Kath makes up songs for all different people – boys, girls – she is cool and a good singer. She is quite active and moves around a lot on stage. My favourite song is definitely “Dragons Under My Bed”." “I like doing it again and again and again” (Livia, 4yrs)

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: Yes

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