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Bandwagon 1

The original vibrant, educational, fun, interactive introduction to the elements of music. Skilled musicians show how music works and give children opportunities to create music on a wide range of instruments, many of which children can construct in the classroom.

Artist Information


Website: http://www.wattsandwatts.co.nz

Phone: 09 5342445 or 027 2227124

Email: bandwagon@wattsandwatts.co.nz


Widely experienced musicians who have worked in a huge variety of community arts: school music intensives, choirs, creating music, performance, arts festivals, community arts programmes, concerts and concert promotion.
Two performers - singer & voice teacher, accompanist & conductor.
22 years experience presenting high quality, interactive school performances.
Katharine Watts- MA Hons, ATCL, Dip Tchg
Peter Watts - MNZM, MA HOns, LRAM, PGCE

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Music

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Interactive live music

Languages Spoken: English

Target Age Group: Junior Primary, Middle Primary, Senior Primary

Preferred Group Size: Large (20+)

Regions: National

Space and Resources Required: Hall or large classroom space

Indicative Costs:

  • $3 per student

Mode of Delivery: Performance

Cultural Context: General


Dorothy McSweeney - Stella Maris School, Silverdale can be contacted for reference. Other comments from shows: "All the staff sang your praises and the children enjoyed every minute." "As teachers we learnt so much about how to present music in our classrooms and gained a more thorough understanding of the music curriculum." "I liked the Bandwagon because people got to go up and have a go" - pupil

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: Yes

Photos of Relevant Work by This Artist

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