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A world of our own

Environmental & sustainability issues are made memorable through story, humour and music. The performance highlights specific environmental issues such as recycling, clean water, pollution and endangered species. There are numerous songs to enjoy.

Artist Information


Website: http://www.wattsandwatts.co.nz

Phone: 09 5342445 or 027 2227124

Email: bandwagon@wattsandwatts.co.nz


Widely experienced musicians who have worked in a huge variety of community arts: school music intensives, choirs, creating music, performance, arts festivals, community arts programmes, concerts and concert promotion.
Two performers - singer & voice teacher, accompanist & conductor.
22 years experience presenting high quality, interactive school performances.
Katharine Watts- MA Hons, ATCL, Dip Tchg
Peter Watts - MNZM, MA HOns, LRAM, PGCE

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Music

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Environmental concepts presented through music

Languages Spoken: English

Target Age Group: Junior Primary, Middle Primary, Senior Primary

Preferred Group Size: Large (20+)

Regions: National

Space and Resources Required: Hall or large classroom space

Indicative Costs:

  • $3 per student

Mode of Delivery: Performance

Cultural Context: General


Dorothy McSweeney - Stella Maris School, Silverdale can be contacted for reference. Other comments from shows: "All the staff sang your praises and the children enjoyed every minute." "As teachers we learnt so much about how to present music in our classrooms and gained a more thorough understanding of the music curriculum." "I liked the Bandwagon because people got to go up and have a go" - pupil

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: Yes

Photos of Relevant Work by This Artist

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