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For schools and kura

Round 2 applications

Applications for Round 2 will open in June 2020 and close in August 2020. We'll update this website with exact dates soon.

Selection criteria

To be accepted as a Creatives in Schools project, your proposal must demonstrate:

  • a clear focus on improving the well-being of your students and ākonga
  • a strong focus on the key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum or Ngā Uara me Ngā Waiaro of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa
  • how the project supports local curriculum/marau ā kura planning and your programme for the arts/ngā toi learning area
  • your capability and capacity to ensure strong support for the project
  • how the project connects with and is valued by whānau and the community.

Future funding rounds

Following Round 1, we have reviewed the timing of future rounds of Creatives in Schools projects.

We understand preparing a joint proposal requires significant time and effort for both schools, kura, and creatives. As well as this, the assessment and selection of proposals takes time and resource to administer.

To limit the burden on schools, kura, and creatives, and to streamline application processes, we will hold one application round each calendar year from 2020 till 2023 instead of two application rounds per year as we had previously signalled.

There is no reduction in the overall funding and number of projects, and schools, kura, and creatives will be able to choose which term(s) during the school year their projects will take place. From 2020, applications will open in June and close in August for projects to take place in the following school year.

Creatives in Schools schedule

The table below shows the anticipated number of projects to be funded over the next four years. Note that:

  • 34 projects will be funded from January to June 2020
  • there will be no projects in terms 3 and 4 of 2020
  • from 2021 there will be one funding round per calendar year (covering January to December)
  • schools or kura may choose to start their project at any point throughout each year
  • it is anticipated that a total of 304 projects will be funded over the next four years (up to 2023).
Calendar year January 2020 - June 2020 January 2021 - December 2021 January 2022 - December 2022 January 2023- June 2023
Expected number of projects 34 funded 72 120 78
Rounds 1 2 3 4
Terms 1 & 2 only 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 & 2 only

Submitting a proposal

You can submit a joint proposal developed with a creative for a Creatives in School project. Your proposal will be reviewed and you will be informed if it has been successful or not.

We will also provide a checklist, tip sheet, budget and timeline templates, to help you put together your proposal for future rounds. Please check our website before you submit your application.

Note: Application link will be provided once the applications for round 2 are open.

Police vetting

Note that all professional artists and creative practitioners who participate in Creatives in Schools must undergo a Police Vetting Check . As the school or kura leading the project, you must organise the check as part of your application process and provide the vetting report before the project commences. If the creative does not ‘pass’ the vetting, you must inform the Ministry of Education, who will remove the creative’s profile from Arts Online if it is listed there. 

Selection process

Your proposal will be reviewed by a selection panel with representatives from Creative New Zealand, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, and the Ministry of Education.

For further information, contact CreativesinSchools@education.govt.nz

Page last updated: 5 February 2020
Watch this space for future updates.

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