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Going Gaga - Teaching and Learning Unit

A unit of work, suggested activities, some resourcing links and advice as well as assessment activities and schedules for both AS91589 (3.2) and AS91590 (3.3) which explore the learning context/theme of “Going Gaga” . The unit looks at examples of hate and bullying faced by youth and the work of Lady Gaga and her charitable foundation, the Born This Way Foundation, as an example of social action, empowering youth to stand up against such negativity. The unit culminates in the development of a duet dance which incorporates ideas from Gaga’s lyrics and social awareness work.

Written by: Ryan Benjamin

Date Submitted: 27 May 2013

Levels: NCEA Level 3 and Scholarship

Disciplines: Dance

Download this file: goinggagateachingandlearningunitoutline.pdf (681.27 kB)

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