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Drama NZ - the Primary Edition

23 June 2015

DRAMA NEW ZEALAND, The New Zealand Association of Drama in Education Incorporated is pleased to announce that as part of our five year strategic plan and our commitment to the growth in the Primary Sector a Primary Teachers’ group has been created.

This group aims to promote, mentor and support the use of drama and the performing arts in schools through the sharing of practice and resources that will empower learners and enrich the curriculum, as well as creating support networks for professional learning in all regions.  Three members of the Drama New Zealand Executive- Mandy Taylor (Pukekohe), Daniel Betty (Hawkes Bay) and Charles Bisley (Wellington) are leading this initiative.

Please join our Facebook group Drama NZ: The Primary Edition at https://www.facebook.com/groups/818548034900707/

We would invite members from across the regions who are interested in being part of the Primary sub-committee to register their interest by emailing Mandy Taylor m_taylor@pukekoheint.school.nz or Charles Bisley charlesb@kelburnnormal.school.nz

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