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ECE (Ecartsnet)

Joining the mailing list

Ecartsnet is an email mailing list open to all early childhood teachers along with other interested educators. Ecartsnet is a place to share ideas, request help and resources, and establish professional relationships.

After subscribing, you can post a message to Ecartsnet members by sending an email to ecartsnet@lists.tki.org.nz . You can also post a message to all other subscribers by simply hitting "reply" to a message from the mailing list. All messages sent to the Ecartsnet mailing list can be viewed on the forum archive .

To view the archives you must be a member of the mailing list. You will be prompted for a username and password when you log in. The username is the email address that you used to subscribe to the list. If you have forgotten your password, a new one can be set from the mailing list login screen .

Please note that posts related to commercial products do not imply endorsement by the Ministry of Education.

Follow this link to unsubscribe or edit subscription options for Ecartsnet.

Frequently Asked Questions

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